Amateur Radio Emergency Services

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service is a nationwide  program that amateurs through out  the United States during  a Natural or Technologial Emergency.  

Eventhough considered a separate organization. More than 75 percent of our club  consist of ARES members scattered throught  SC Emergency Management District  4.  We provide services to the community , Our County Emergency Management and local Hospitals upon request.

Our Florence Club  based Group  serves the following counties as Primary:  Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Lee , Marion and Marlboro and will  assist Horry County's Group if need be:


Donald Bryant,  KB4RRC        Distrist 4 Coordinator

Jim Dedonis, KD4VH                 Asst. District 4 Coordinator 

Andy Jasiewicz, KD2LQA       Chesterfield County Emergency Coordinator 

Lloyd Mitchell,   KO4L               Darlington County Emergency Coordinator 

Ed Kler, KO4PME                        Dillon County Emergency Coordinator

Dustin Failes, KK4NFG           Florence County Emergency Coordinator 

Henry Harrison, AC2LB          Horry County Emergency Coordinator 

Cody Tveten, AG9IE                  Lee County Emergency Coordinator 

Jim  Dedonis KD4VH               Marion County Emergency Coordinator

 Bert Rogers, W4BAF                Asst. Marion County Emergency Coordinator

Scott Thompson, KG4HIE     Marlboro County Emergency Coordinator 

Please Contact your Coordinator for more information.   Click the Below Button to download a fillable ARES Registration Form to be emailed to the Emergency coordinator in your County.