Local Repeaters

The Florence Amateur Radio Club is affiliated with and supports
with the following Repeaters. The Clubs are Highlighted:

Note:  These repeaters use standard shift values.   (VHF – 0.600 MHz) (UHF – 5.000 MHz)

Florence Area Repeaters

Many of our club members also monitor Simplex (non repeater) channels:

VHF National Simplex    146.5200 Mhz

Club/ ARES District 4 Tactical Simplex 146.565 Mhz  Tone 156.7 Encode Only

UHF National Simplex 446.0000 Mhz

Other Significant VHF/UHF Frequencies and Services

NOAA Weather RadioWXJ22 162.550

GMRS/ FRS Service

462 and 467 Mhz ,
22 frequencies up to 50 watts including  Repeater Operation  on GMRS

FRS 14 Channels using 2.0 watts on 462 and .5 watts on 467 Mhz
Operator License required.

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Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS).

1- 151.820Mhz     2 - 151.880Mhz      3- 151.940Mhz       4- 154.570Mhz       5- 154.600Mhz
2 watts maximum power into any antenna up to 60ft  AGL

No license required to transmit on

Part 95 Certified Radios should be used on FRS and MURS.

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