Local Repeaters

The Florence Amateur Radio Club is affiliated with and supports
with the following Repeaters. The Clubs are Highlighted:

Note:  These repeaters use standard shift values.   (VHF – 0.600 MHz) (UHF – 5.000 MHz)

This is 146.850 Mhz PL 123.-0  - Our Primary Repeater in Florence SC

We are using a Kenwood NXR-710 repeater being controlled by an ARCOM RC-210 Controller.  The Repeater is driving an amp at 18 watts and is currently outputing 75 watts to a 6 cavity duplexer.  The 50 Amp power Supply is at 33 percent load under transmit conditions.   The Antenna is a DB 224 E mount at 605ft on the SCETV Tower in Florence.

Th e first Repeater was installed in the late 1970s and was a Spectrum SCR-1000 . It was later replaced with a GE Mastr III . It was one of the first prototypes made by GE and given as a donation in the early 1990s.

Today We enjoy 2 VHF repeaters and a UHF.  A number of other area repeaters are closely affliated with the club.  Florence is blessed We currently have 11 repeaters in town.

Florence Area Repeaters

Many of our club members also monitor Simplex (non repeater) channels:

VHF National Simplex    146.5200 Mhz

Club/ ARES District 4 Tactical Simplex 146.565 Mhz  Tone 156.7 Encode Only

UHF National Simplex 446.0000 Mhz

Other Significant VHF/UHF Frequencies and Services

NOAA Weather RadioWXJ22 162.550

GMRS/ FRS Service

462 and 467 Mhz ,
22 frequencies up to 50 watts including  Repeater Operation  on GMRS

FRS 14 Channels using 2.0 watts on 462 and .5 watts on 467 Mhz
Operator License required.

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Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS).

1- 151.820Mhz     2 - 151.880Mhz      3- 151.940Mhz       4- 154.570Mhz       5- 154.600Mhz
2 watts maximum power into any antenna up to 60ft  AGL

No license required to transmit on

Part 95 Certified Radios should be used on FRS and MURS.

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